Getting started with Ignition4

Use this guide to maximum your Ignition4 use


Ignition4 Main

When visiting Ignition4 for the first time, we provide columns to help you find what each song contains. In this guide, we will show you what every option does, and pages to explain each area further.

Below is the first page you’ll see when loading Ignition4

The menu above provides navigation to our pages.

  • Ignition4 Logo (Return back to Ignition4 Main Search)

  • Search

    • Collection

    • Saved

    • Preferred Artists

    • Artist Search

    • Top Stats

  • Forums

  • Creators

    • Uploaded CDLC

    • Add CDLC

  • Tools

    • CustomsForge Song Manager

    • Rocksmith Toolkit

    • Editor on Fire

    • Custom Game Toolkit

    • Rocksmith Diagnostics

  • Patreon

  • Discord

  • Info

    • Rules

    • FAQ

    • Tutorials

    • Ignition4 Support

Right Side Menu

The right side menu is used for CDLC Reports, Notifications, and user settings.

This indicates your CDLC has been reported


This area is for your notifications


The menu that is displayed on your username has the following options:

  • Dashboard

  • Account Settings

  • Forum Account Settings

  • Reports

  • Notification Settings

The search box is not limited to just Artist and Title search.

You can use the search box to search for Artist, Title, Album, Year, and Member


You can use the pagination options listed on the top and bottom of the page to access other pages, or even jump to the last page


Search Settings

Your search settings are saved to your profile automatically

Clicking this icon will expand a panel that will show settings that can be saved.


You can adjust all of your search settings here.


Filters do not save. If you refresh the page your changes will be lost. This will be changed in the future.

Clicking this icon will expand a panel that will show your filters

Quick Tutorial

Clicking this icon will display a quick tutorial that can be dismissed.



We currently provide 14 columns of information that can be adjusted by the Search Settings

  • Add

    • The add section shows an icon with different meanings and a drop-down menu with additional options

  • Artist

    • Click to Search

      • This column additionally shows a ☆ if it is a Preferred Artist

  • Title

    • Clicking the title will open the record to a new tab

  • Album

    • Click to search

  • Year

    • Click to search

  • Duration

  • Tuning

    • Click to search

  • Version

  • Member

    • Click to search

  • Added

  • Updated


  • DLs

    • Shows the amount of Downloads each CDLC has

  • Arrangements

    • Each circle icon shows the paths available per CDLC

      • Lead

      • Rythym

      • Bass

      • Alternative Arrangements

      • Lyrics

      • Chord Chart (Rocksmith+ Only)

  • Platforms

    • PC

    • MAC

Clicking any other column will open the Record Modal

Search Results

The search results offer different features in different areas. We’ll break it down for you to make it simpler to understand.